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SAP HANA or High-Performance Analytic Appliance is an In-Memory, column-oriented relational database which combines with a revolutionary platform and is used for gathering real-time insights and deploying and developing real-time applications. It is a fundamentally different database engine and is ten times faster as compared to a traditional database. Furthermore, it is also combined with a pre-tuned server, networking hardware, and storage

Introduction to SAP HANA
  • Introduction to DBMS and RDBMS
  • History of RDBMS
  • Basic concepts RAM, SSD and Hard Disk
  • What is In-Memory Database?
  • What is SAP HANA?
  • How the difference with others database
  • HANA Evaluation
  • Why HANA Platform
  • What Hana cannot do
  • HANA Hardware size and Editions
  • How to install hana server and Studio
  • HANA Client JDBC and ODBC
Database objects
  • Hana studio
  • HANA Schema
  • Database Objects (Tables, Views, Synonyms, Sequences, procedures and Index)
  • Materialized views
  • Introduction to SQL (DDL, DML, DCL and TCL)
  • Row store and column store
  • Compression in Hana
  • Partitions on column store
  • How the HANA Column with good write capability
  • All Joins
Provisioning to HANA
  • SLT (Both for Non Sap and SAP)
  • BODS
  • DXC
  • Smart Data Access
  • Smart Data Integration (Kind of Internal BODS to SAP HANA)
  • Flat file
Multidimensional Modeling in SAP HANA
  • Multi-dimensional models
  • Attribute View
  • Analytic view
  • Calculation View
  • HANA Script
  • Star join
  • Hierarchies
  • Filter Operations Variables and Currency conversion
  • Fuzzy search
  • Decision Tables
  • Business Function Library
  • HANA Engines
  • HANA Security
  • HANA Transport
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Native hana apps development
  • HANA Architecture
  • Persistent Layer
  • Performance check tools
  • Dynamic tiring
  • Monitoring HANA
BO Reporting
  • SAP Lumira
  • Design studio
  • Explorer
  • Native hana and Application powered by hana
  • ABAP Dictionary Enhancements
  • Data Type Systems: ABAP & SAP HANA
  • Open SQL & ABAP Dictionary views
  • ABAP Managed Database Procedures
  • Native SQL
  • Debugging
  • ABAP CDS View
  • ABAP Managed Database Procedures in SAP BW powered by SAP HANA
  • Code Push down concepts using ADT
Additional Topics
  • HANA Live
  • Compare BW on HANA
  • Introduction to UI5 and S/4 HANA
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