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SAP ABAP Training
Leading SAP online training provider, SAP training tutorials and SAP training materials that explains step by step
with real time experts and projects.

SAP ABAP Training | SAP ABAP Online Training

Expertsoft Trainings provides SAP ABAP Online Training with certified experienced IT professionals who have more then 10+ Years of real time experience. Our trainers have good training experience on SAP ABAP So that best quality output will be delivered.

Our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete your course as per the schedule given Daily/Weekly at your convenience. We also allow you to record the classes from your end so that you can refer the classes once again when ever is required.

We provide the Latest Version System Access with very good speed and 24*7 Support as well. We provide classes through online by using Goto Meeting and WebEx Systems. We also give Interview support & Technical support. We satisfied 1000's of Customers from different location USA, UK, SINGAPORE, INDIA, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUBAI. We trouble shoot your problems while you are working we address your questions during the Online SAP ABAP Training even after the course completion.

After completion of your course we will help you to clear your interviews and also assist you to get certified on SAP ABAP . We will give you 100% Satisfaction and We provide the best quality Real Time Online Training

Course Content :

1) Introduction to SAP

Introduction to ERP
Overview of SAP
SAP modules at a Glance

2) ABAP Data Types

Numeric Character
Floating Point
Packed Decimals
Date, Strings

3) Loops & Branches

Do, Do n times, While
If, If Else, if Ladder, Case
Small Programs
Factorial program
Code Inspector
Extended Program Check

4) Structures & Internal Tables

Over View of Structures
Similar Structures creation
Different Structures
Different structures with Extra Fields
Over View of Internal Tables
Similar Internal tables creation
Different Internal tables
Different Internal tables with Extra Fields
Modify Operation on Internal Table
Delete Operation on Internal Tables
Sorting Of internal tables (Sort)
Searching Techniques Of internal Table

5) Landscape & SAP R/3 Architecture

Landscape Model
Overview of R/3

6) Normalization & Select Statements

Over view of Normalization
Select Statements
Logical operators
Select Single & Up to 1 rows
Nested Select queries
For all Entries
Join Statements
Inner join & Left Outer Join

7) Modularization Techniques

Over view of Modularization
Function Modules

8) Selection Screen Design

Over View of Selection Screen
Selection Screen elements

9) Basic Reports

Over view of Report
Report without events
Report with events (Classical report)
Interactive Report
Menu Design
Message class Creation
Text messages creation
Hide Technique
Get Cursor Technique
Read Line Statement
At Events (control Events)
Variant Creation
Transaction Code Creation
End User access

10) 10 BDC (Batch Data Communication)

Over view of BDC
GUI Upload
GUI Download
Data Sets
BDC Programming
Call Transaction
Session Methods

11) Data Dictionary

Creation of Data Base Table
Creation of Domains
Creation of Data types
Creation of Views
Creation of Structures
Creation of Type pools
Creation of Search Help
Creation of Lock objects
Creation of table maintenance

12) Module Pools

Over view of Module pools
Creation of Create button
Creation of Display
Creation of Sub screens
Creation of Tab Strip
Creation of Table Control
Creation of Save button to update Data Base

13) SAP Scripts

Over view of Scripts
Creation of Paragraphs
Creation of Character Formats
Creation of Pages
Creation of Windows
Creation of Page windows
Creation of Script program


14) RFC

Over view of CA
Creation of RFC
Fetching Data Using RFC

15) ALV (ABAP List Viewer)

Over view of ALV
ALV List Display
ALV Grid Display
ALV Catalog Creation
Blocked ALV
Interactive ALV
How to upload Logo in ALV

16) BAPI

Over View of BAPI
Remote FM Creation
Creation of BOR
Creation of BAPI
Check the Status of BAPI
Super type Creation

17) LSMW

Over view of LSMW
Creation of Project, Sub Project, Object Type
Creation of Batch Input Using Recording Mode
Steps To Create LSMW


Over view of Smart Forms
Creation of Paragraphs (Styles)
Creation of Character Formats (Styles)
Creation of Pages
Creation of Windows
Creation of Page windows
Creation of table format
Creation of Smart Form program

19) Work Flow

Over view of Work Flow
Creation of prefix
Creation of Standard tasks
Creation of Standard Template
Creation of Workflow builder

20) ALE/Idocs

Over view of ALE/ Idocs
Creation of RFC Destinations
Creation of Ports
Creation of Partner Profile
Creation of Distributed sys
Transfer the data Btw sys

21) User Exits

Over view of user exits
types of user exits
How to find user exits
How to implement user exits
Student Say
I suggest ExpertSoft institute for all the students who are interested to learn SAP any module. I have attended SAP CRM Technical Training. The tutor is very good in knowledge transfer and also we have 24 hours lab facility. The tutors and all staff are user friendly, very responsive and they clarified all my doubts. They are providing mock interviews.
- Swathi Prakash

I am Ramesh from Bangalore. I have taken SAP ABAP online training from ExpertSoft. The course content is very well structured and well explained with connection with real time which is helped me to learn quickly.
Thank you for all the support. -