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SAP ABAP Webdynpro Training
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SAP ABAP Webdynpro Training | SAP ABAP Wedynpro Online Training

Expertsoft Trainings provides SAP ABAP Wedynpro Online Training with certified experienced IT professionals who have more then 10+ Years of real time experience. Our trainers have good training experience on SAP ABAP Wedynpro. So that best quality output will be delivered.

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Course Content :

1) WebDynpro Framework / Architecture

WebDynpro Introduction
Component Architecture
Component Entities
Views / Windows / Interface Views / Component Controller / Application
Relation b/w Component Entities
Data Binding
Plugs at View level and Plugs at Window Level
Inbound Plugs / Outbound Plugs
Navigation Link
View Assembly / Nested Views / Navigation b/w views
Default View in a Component
Multiple windows
Context Mapping
Internal Context Mapping / External Context Mapping
WebDynpro Application / Creation of Multiple Applications

2) Application Execution Cycle

3) URL Parameters

4) FQDN Settings

5) Faceless Components

6) Service maintenance

7) WebDynpro Controllers

View controller
Window Controller
Component Controller
Interface Controller
Custom Controller

8) Services of each Controller Hook Methods and Attributes of each Controller

9) WebDynpro ABAP Tools
Webdynpro Code Wizard and its different options
Layout Editor
Working with Layouts

10) Different layouts

Flow Layout / Grid Layout / Matrix Layout / Row Layout

11) UI Elements

Caption / Page Header / Input Fields / Text Views / Text Edit / Check box / Radio Buttons / Buttons / Button Rows / Image / Table / Message Area / Group / Transparent Container / Tray / View Container UI Element / List Box
Drop down by Index / Drop down by key / Radio Button By Index / Radio Button by Key

12) Design Time Context

Understanding the Meaning of Node and Element
Working with multiple Nodes and/or Attributes
Working with properties of Nodes and/or Attributes

13) Role of Data Binding

Binding the UI elements to Nodes and/or Attributes

14) Kind of methods in Controllers

Normal Methods
Event Handler Methods
Supply Functions

15) Working the Multiple Views
Nested views ( View with in a View )
Navigation b/w Views
Creation of Plugs Inbound and Outbound Plugs
Creation of Navigation Link
Firing the Outbound Plugs
Significance of the Inbound Plug Event Handler Method

16) Managing View Lifetime

When Visible
Framework Controlled

17) Creation of MIME objects

18) Role and Significance of Properties of the Node

19) Table Control

Multiple of creating a Table
Working with different table column cells
Single row Selection
Multi row Selection

20) Dynamic Programming

Managing the UI element properties in runtime
Binding the internal table to the Node
Creation of elements under a Node in runtime
Removing the elements under a Node in runtime

21) Data Transfer Techniques b/w the Views Component Controller

Significance of Component Controller
Hook Methods and Attributes of Component Controller
Context Mapping
Used Controllers

22) Message Manager

Generation of Messages
Report Messages Success / Warning / Error Messages
Defining own Message Area
Changing the message options in the WD application level

23) Implementing Service Call (BAPI / RFC Calls)

24) Calling the smart forms in a Applicatio

25) Implementing the Supply Function

26) Advanced Concepts in WebDynpro ABAP

27) Window Controller

Window Plugs
Significance of DEFAULT Plug
Inbound Plugs of Window Controller
Start Up Plug / Standard Plug / Resume Plug
Outbound Plugs of Window Controller
Exit Plug / Standard Plug / Suspend

28) Custom Controller

Creation of Custom Controller
Working with Custom Controller

29) Popup Windows

Popup Messages
Data Sharing b/w views and popup windows

30) Internationalization

31) OTR - Online Text Repository

32) Concept of iViews and Integration into Portal (Theory)

33) Portal Integration

34) WebDynpro Application Configuration

35) WebDynpro Application Personalization

36) WebDynpro Component Configuration

37) Tree Structure - Tree UI Element

38) Implementing RoadMap UI element with 3 to 4 steps

39) Role of Component Interface

40) Cross Component Programming

Component Usage
Sharing the Context across the components
Sharing the Views or Visibility across the components

41) Implementing ALVs

Implementing ALV without configuration Model In the ALV View In the Separate View
Implementing ALV with Configuration Model In the ALV View In the Separate View

42) Editable ALVs

Totals / Subtotals in ALVs
ALV with different Cell Editors (Link to Action, Buttons, etc.., )
ALV with different Events (Hotspot, OnClick, etc.)
Working with Select Options
Enhancements in WebDynpro Components -- View / Context / Methods
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