SAP S/4HANA AATP Training | SAP Advanced ATP in S4HANA Training

1) Available-to-Promise Basics
  • ATP in Supply Chain
  • Available-to-Promise with SAP

2) Product Availability Check
  • What Is Product Availability Check
  • Configuration Basics

3) Product Allocation
  • What Is Product Allocation?
  • Combining Product Allocation and Available-to-Promise
  • Basic Configurations
  • SAP Fiori Applications
  • Extension of PAL for Stock Transport Order
  • Extension of Characteristics for Sales Orders for PAL
  • Alternative Sources of Supply

4) Backorder Processing
  • What Is Backorder Processing?
  • Configuration Basics
  • SAP Fiori Applications
  • Global Filter
  • Enable Stock Transfer Order
  • Cross-Navigation and Usability Improvements of SAP Fiori Apps
  • Inclusion of Supply Assignment for the Fashion Industry

5) Release for Delivery
  • What Is Release for Delivery?
  • SAP Fiori Applications
  • Schedule Deletion of ATP Results Log

6) Planned AATP Features in Upcoming Releases
  • Rule-Based ATP
  • Profitability-Based ATP
  • Integration with SAP Transportation Management
  • Integration with SAP Integrated Business Planning

7) Migration at a Glance

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