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SAP ABAP Training
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1) Introduction to SAP Version and History

2) Introduction to SAP R/3 Architecture

3) Overview of SAP System Landscape

4) Overview of of SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository)

5) What is SAP CAR

6) Overview of SAP CAR Components

7) Overview of Integration with SAP CAR

8) Architecture of SAP CAR

9) Integration with Other Application Overview 

10) Usage of SAP CAR

11) SAP Master Data Assignment for SAP CAR

12) SAP ERP Data for Multichannel Sales Analysis

13) SAP Inventory Data Assignment

14) SAP Customer Data Assignment

15) SAP Miscellaneous Data Assignment

16) Installation of BI Contents for CAR(If SAP and CAR in Different HANA system)

17) POS (Point of Sale) Analytics Overview

18) Trade Foundation Analytics

19) POS In-memory Analytics

Analytic View
Multi providers
Info Cubes

20) Loss Prevention Analytics: Analytics Tools

Transaction Viewer
Extensibility of Transaction Viewer
Journal Viewer

21) Store Settings Overview

22) Process of Store Settings 

23) DMF (Demand Management Foundation) Overview 

24) SAP HANA views

25) Usage of Store Settings

26) One Step Processing

27) Two Step Processing

28) Overview of PIPE

29) POS Transaction

30) Aggregation

31) Task Processing

32) Integration with Other Application Overview

33) Outbound Processing of Aggregates

34) Roles

35) Enterprise Services

36) Overview of Mater Data Replication

37) Initialization

38) Process flow of Replication from SAP to CAR

39) Benefits

40) Overview

41) Process of Sales Transaction

42) Benefits

43) Overview

44) Process of Financial Transaction

45) Benefits

46) Overviewv

47) Process of Goods Movement Transaction

48) Benefits

49) SAP Outbound IDOC overview

50) Outbound process of IDOC

51) Middleware

52) POS outbound

53) IS-Retail Outbound

54) Benefits

55) Overview of IDOC Configuration

56) Prerequisites for IDOC configuration in CAR system

57) Process of Configuration

58) Benefits

59) Overview of Non-SAP POS with CAR

60) Overview of SAP PI contents

61) Prerequisites of Integration

62) Process overflow

63) Benefits

64) Overview of SAP POS with CAR

65) Overview of SAP PI contents

66) Prerequisites of Integration

67) Process overflow

68) Benefits

Student Say
I suggest ExpertSoft institute for all the students who are interested to learn SAP any module. I have attended SAP CRM Technical Training. The tutor is very good in knowledge transfer and also we have 24 hours lab facility. The tutors and all staff are user friendly, very responsive and they clarified all my doubts. They are providing mock interviews.
- Swathi Prakash

I am Ramesh from Bangalore. I have taken SAP ABAP online training from ExpertSoft. The course content is very well structured and well explained with connection with real time which is helped me to learn quickly.
Thank you for all the support. -