SAP HR US Payroll Online Training

SAP HR US Payroll - Practical SAP US Payroll Training Online. This Course starts where SAP's official documentation and training classes end. Addressing issues not covered elsewhere, "Practical SAP US Payroll" provides the technical and in-depth content needed by persons responsible for setting up and configuring a US Payroll system.

1) Payroll-Basic process understanding

2) Payroll Basics

3) Payroll Infotypes

4) Payroll Area, Pay Scale Structure

5) Payroll Advanced ( geo-specific-US)

6) Benefits (US)

7) Payroll-Schema

8) Payroll-PCR (Rule Writing)

9) Garnishments (US)

10) Process Model

11) US Tax-reporter

12) Year End Processing-Practical examples on YANA and YAWA

13) Gross-up Wage Type

14) Actions, Dynamic Actions

15) Off cycle Processing-Reason, Variants for payroll run ( Adjustment , On demand) etc.

16) Check Printing-Bank Transfer ( ACH Files )

17) Handling Union and Non Union Employees from payroll perspective

18) Retroactive Accounting

19) Posting to Fico

20) Third party remittance