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SAP ABAP Training
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SAP IBP Course

 IBP Overview

Introduction to SAP Integrated Business Planning
Modules Overview
The SAP Fiori Launchpad
Install Add-in for Excel
Planning with Excel
Introduction to IBP Demand
Introduction to IBP Inventory
Introduction to IBP for Supply and Response
Analytics and Dashboards

IBP Basic Configuration

Creating an Attribute 
Creating Master Data Types
Creating a Time Profile
Creating a Planning Area
Creating a Planning Area
Creating a Key Figure
Writing a Key Figure Calculation
Creating a Version
Creating a Reason Code
Import Data Using the SAP Integrated Business Planning Web UI
Creating a Microsoft Excel Template and Favorite
Incorporating Disaggregation Methods in SAP Integrated
Copy Planning area
Currency Conversion
UOM Conversion
Attribute Transformation
Planning Operators
EPM formatting

IBP for S&OP 

IBP S&OP Process Overview
IBP S&OP Configuration
Statistical Forecasting
Consensus Demand generation 
Supply Heuristics
Build a s Case study

IBP for Demand 

Process Overview
Configuration of Planning area
Data Preparation
Data Cleansing Approach
Statistical forecasting
Market Input
Demand Sensing Scenarios
Modelling demand Sensing
Execution and calculation for Demand sensing
Adjustment to demand sensing results
Build a model for case study 

IBP for Inventory 

Process overview
Planning area configuration
Single stage Inventory Optimization
Multi-Stage Inventory Optimization
Multi-level BOM Planning in the Supply Chain
Calculate Inventory Component (CIC)
Calculate Networking Capital
Reorder Point and Cost of Unreliable Production Lead-time
Forecast Error Calculation
Build a Case Study 

Supply Planning 

Process Overview
Planning area configuration
Modelling for heuristics Planning
Analyzing results for Heuristics planning
Modelling for the Optimization
Analyzing the results for Optimizer
Lot sizing
Adjusted Key figures
Planning unit
Build a case study 

Response Planning

Response Planning Process Overview
Planning area configuration for response Planning
Forecast consumption
Allocation concept & use
Prioritization of Demands
Constrained Forecast
Gating Factor Analysis
Generate Allocations
Execute Confirmation Run and View Results
Simulate a New Sales Order
Build a case Study 

Supply Chain Control Tower 

Process Overview
Modelling for Supply chain control tower
Supply Chain Control Tower KPIs
Dashboards and Analytics
Case Management
Build a case Study 

HCI Integration

Process Overview
Checking the pre-requisites/ Installed components 
Modelling/mapping for Data Integration
Data Transfer
Analyzing the data Transfer objects
Error handling 

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I suggest ExpertSoft institute for all the students who are interested to learn SAP any module. I have attended SAP CRM Technical Training. The tutor is very good in knowledge transfer and also we have 24 hours lab facility. The tutors and all staff are user friendly, very responsive and they clarified all my doubts. They are providing mock interviews.
- Swathi Prakash

I am Ramesh from Bangalore. I have taken SAP ABAP online training from ExpertSoft. The course content is very well structured and well explained with connection with real time which is helped me to learn quickly.
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