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1) Introduction to ERP

ERP Packages

Introduction to SAP

Functions and Objectives of PM

2) SAP Navigation



SAP Screens

Features of SAP Navigations

3) Business Process

4) SAP PM Master Data

PM Work Centers Creation / Change / Display

Functional Location Creation / Change / Display

Equipment / Test Equipment Creation / Change/ Display

Creation of Strategy

Creation of Task List / Change / Display

Creation of Maintenance Plants / Change / Display

Creation of Catalog Code Groups & Codes

Creation of Selected sets

Creation of Production Resource Tools(PRT'S)

Creation of Master Inspection Characteristics (MIC)

Bill of Materials Creation / Change / Display

Material BOM Creation of Assemblies / Change / Display

Creation of Service Master (For AMC & ARC)


Measuring Points & Counters

Measuring Documents

Creation of Cycle sets

5) Transactional Data

6) Preventive Maintenance Plans

Creating Single Cycle Plan

Creating a Strategy Plan

Creating Time Based Strategy Plan

Creating Performance Based Strategy Plan

Creating Multiple Counter Plan

7) Preventive Maintenance Order

Maintenance Plan

Schedule Maintenance Plan

Order list

Maintenance Scheduling Overview

Maintenance Order Checking

Release order

Good Issue

PM Order Confirmation

TECO of Order

Actual Order Settlement

8) Breakdown Maintenance Order

Creation of Notification

Display Notification

Create Breakdown Order from Notification

Release order

Good Issue

PM order Confirmation

TECO of Order

Settlement of Order

Cause, Damage, Activities updating in Notification

TECO of Notification

9) Corrective Maintenance Order

Creation of Notification

Selection of Notification


Creation of maintenance order

Maintenance order Scheduling



10) Calibration Order

Calibration Maintenance Plan

Create Scheduling

Order List

Inspection Lot – Note

Results Recording Workbench

Usage Decision

Conformation of PM order

TECO of Order

Settlement of the order

Note : Maintenance Task List with Inspection Points - 30
11) Refurbishment Order


Process Flow

Creating Refurbishment Order

Releasing & Executing Order

Withdraw Of Repairable Spares From Warehouse

Completion Confirmation

Return Of Refurbished Repairable Spares To Warehouse

Posting Goods Receipt

Order Completion

Order Settlement

12) Shutdown Maintenance order

Creation of Notification

Selection of Notification


Creation of maintenance order

Maintenance order Scheduling



13) Process Flow Diagrams

Maintenance Notification Process flow

Maintenance Order Process flow

Preventive Maintenance Process flow

Breakdown Maintenance process flow

Calibration of Instruments

Refurbishment Process flow

14) PM Integration with Other modules




15) Reports For Extracting Data

Displaying Outstanding/In process/ Completed Notifications

Displaying Outstanding/In process/ Completed Orders

Commonly used Transactions