SAP S/4HANA FMS Training | SAP S4HANA Fashion 1709 Training

1) Master Data :

Site Master

Vendor Master- via Business Partner in S4HANA

Customer Master- via Business Partner in S4HANA

2) Retail Pricing :

Sales Price Calculation

Sales Set Pricing

Vendor Mixed Pricing

2-Step Pricing

Upload Sales Price via Retail Pricing in S4HANA

3) Allocation Table :

Allocation Rule

Allocation Strategy

Direct Store Delivery

Collective PO

DC to Store Distribution

4) Promotion :

Promotion Processing

Subsequent Activity of Promotion

Allocation Table from Promotion

Price Activation of Promotion

Promotion Announcement

Listing Through Promotion

Synchronisation on Bonus Buy with Promotion- S4HANA

Different Pricing for Variant & Generic Articles in Promotion- S4HANA

5) Bonus Buy :

Maintain Bonus Buy

Absolute Price Bonus Buy

Absolute Discount Bonus Buy

Percentage Discount Bonus Buy

Free Goods Bonus Buy

6) Condition Contract & settlement management in S4HANA

7) Distribution Curve in S4HANA

8) POS Inbound

9) POS Outbound

10) Assortment/Listing

11) Rapid Replenishment in S4HAHA (Fashion : New in 1709)

12) FIORI Apps for Retail in S4HANA (Fashion : New in 1709)

13) Segmentation (Fashion : New in 1709)

14) Season Management (Fashion : New in 1709)

15) Allocation Run(Fashion : New in 1709)

16) Order Scheduling(Fashion)

17) Application Variant(Fashion)

18) Value Added Services (Fashion)

19) MRP Live on HANA (Fashion)

20) Fashion PIR (New in 1709)

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