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1) Introduction of SAP SRM, ECC, MDM, SUS, EP & XI / PI Objective:

Role of different systems as well as applications in the end to end

Procurement processes

Introduction of SAP - ERP

Introduction of SAP - SRM

Introduction of other systems which are involving in the different

scenarios MDM & SUS

Introduction of Applications - EP & XI / PI.

2) Introduction of SRM Terminology

Synonyms of backend ECC terminology in the SRM

Mapping of ECC concepts / processes / terminality with SRM

3) Introduction of different Implementation Scenarios

Classic Implementation Scenario

Extended Classic Implementation Scenario

Stand Alone Implementation Scenario

De-Coupled Implementation Scenario

Decision matrix for the selection of implementation scenarios

Mapping of business requirements as per implementation


4) Introduction to Procurement cycles

Procurement cycles in backend system

Different Procurement cycles in SRM


Pro's and Con's

5)Overview of the SAP SRM solution (Solution & Design)


SAP Procurement Portfolio Overview

SRM Architecture Overview

Self-Service Procurement

Service Procurement

Direct/Plan-Driven Procurement

Catalog Content Management

Central Sourcing Hub

Sourcing Process (RFx/Auctioning)

Supplier Collaboration

Contract Management

6) Different kinds of data transfer technologies

Synchronous Communication

Asynchronous Communication

RFC (Remote Function call) & Logical system


XML Messages

Selection of data transfer method based on business data criticality

7) SAP Enterprise Buyer Configuration (Integration with backend systems)

Integration of SRM with back end systems

Configuration of RFC and ALE settings

Define back-end systems

Different ways of backend system determination in the procurement processes.

Mapping of SRM configuration data with ECC configuration data.

Schedule background jobs

Product categoriesVs Material groups

Transaction types Vs Documents types

Account Assignment category mapping

G/L account determination

Number range maintenance for SRM as well as Backend


Price determination settings

Source determination settings

Output determination settings

Tax calculation & Accounting settings

Settings in the Stand alone scenario

Other configuration settings

8) Configuration Data Synchronous / Replication methods

Synchronization of Configuration

Business data in SRM system with backend system.

Manual maintenance procedures.

Manual replication from ECC to SRM

Automatic replication from ECC to SRM

9) Follow on document replication process from SRM to ECC

Technical details of follow on document replication from SRM to


Pre-requests for replication

Mandatory configuration settings

Tables, Programs & Batch jobs for replication

10) Back Ground Job Scheduling

Different back ground jobs

Criticality / Role of each job

Other Technical details

11) Error handling methods

Different ways of error analysis

Different ways of check error messages

Error log verification processes

Consistency check

Inbound and Outbound queues and it's clearance.

Re-processing of failure jobs / Idoc's / queues

12) Organization Structure

Principles of SAP Enterprise Buyer organizational management

Maintenance of organizational plan

Purchase Organization Structure

Employee Organization Structure

Supplier Organization Structure

Enterprise Buyer Attributes and Attributes Maintenance

Different methods of User creation and maintenance

Uploading and mapping of backend ECC users with Employee

Organization Structure

Replication of HR organization structure with SRM server

Consistency check and other reports


Enterprise Buyer basic workflow configuration& Pre-delivered

workflow scenarios

Application controlled workflow

Process controlled workflow

Approval of shopping carts and other business documents

14)Master Data

Vendor Master data Replication from backend system

Material & Service Master data Replication from backend system

Product category replication

15)Catalog Management

Different kinds of Catalogs

Classify electronic product catalogs and business partner


Understand how to connect electronic catalogs to SAP Enterprise


Explain the SAP Catalog Content Management (CCM) Principles

OCI & OPI concepts

16)Master Data Management

Connection to Catalogs

Connecting the SRM-MDM Catalog


Different Source determination methods

Vendor selection process in ECC Vs SRM

Bidding Engine ( RFx / Auction)

Live auction Cockpit

Source / Vendor List

Quota Arrangement

Pre-requests and related configuration

18)Self Service Procurement

Concept of Indirect Procurement

Different ways of Shopping cart creation

End to End Indirect Procurement cycle

Confirmation / Goods Receipt


Pre-requests and related configuration

19)Service Procurement

End to End Service Procurement cycle

Pre-requests and related configuration

Procurement of External Staff

Integration into ERP Service Procurement

20)Plan Driven Procurement

End to End direct Procurement process

Transfer of purchase requisitions from ECC to SRM

Mandatory configuration in Back end systems

Customizing steps in the SAP back end and SRM to enable plan

driven procurement

Dependency on Organization structure

Pre-requests and related configuration

21)Contract Life Cycle Management (CLM)

End to End outline agreement concepts

Contracts in ECC Vs SRM

Global Contracts

Central Contracts

Pre-requests and related configuration

22) Other Scenario's

Shopping cart – Be Half of scenario

Shopping carts – Substitution process

Shopping carts – Reroute Process

23) List of Transaction Codes

24) List of Programs / Badi’s / Batch Jobs

25) Production support issues with the real time examples.

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