SAP Success Factor Course Content

  • Introduction to SAP Success Factor Cloud and Networking Concepts
  • Define cloud computing
  • Service delivery models
  • Cloud deployment scenarios
  • Security considerations
  • Impact and changes of cloud computing on IT service management
  • Compliance, risks, and regulatory consequences
  • Fundamentals of networking
  • Layers
  • Introduction to TCP / IP
  • Building a simple network
  • Switching, IP Routing
  • LAN / WAN Connections

Success Factor Cloud Storage & Virtualization concepts (CSVC)

  • Storage
  • SAN Protocols
  • SAN Topology
  • Fiber Channel over Ethernet
  • Switches and Directors
  • SAN Design: Concepts
  • Converged Infrastrucure: Concepts / scenarios
  • Virtualization Essentials: Approaches, techniques & Implication
  • Hypervisor: Virtual machines, Virtualization (server, network & storage) & Financial impact

Success Factor Virtualization Management (VM)

  • Virtualization fit: In the cloud architecture
  • Management Server: Architecture, Appliance, Configuration & Management
  • Configuration and management of Virtual Network
  • Configuration and Management of Virtual Storage
  • Virtual Machine Management: Deploy / Modify
  • Data Protection: Back up / optimizing efficiencies
  • Access and Authentication Control
  • Resource Management and Monitoring
  • Virtual CPU: Configure, manage & optimiz
  • Monitor resource usage using Server performance graphs and alarms
  • Scalability: Resource allocation & scheduling

Success Factor Cloud Configuration Management (CCM)

  • Cloud Director basics: Architecture, functions, resources, installation & configuration
  • CLOUD CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT: Architecture, Installation, Networking, Monitoring, Connectivity & Security
  • Cost analysis and Reporting in Cloud Environment
  • Managing Cloud Resources

SAP Success Factor Course Content

SAP Success Factor Course Content