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1) BOPF Overview and Architecture

  • BOPF Architecture
  • Business Object Model
  • BOPF Modelling Tool
  • BOPF Consumer Implementation Basics ( inlude query, retrieve, service manager, association,action)
  • BOPF Enhancement Workbench ( action, validation, field extension, subnodes)
  • Advanced BOPF Topics ( properties and message concept)


  • Where and how to find BADI in TM
  • Implementing a BADI

3) Process controller strategies

  • Relevant part of process controller
  • Using process controller framework for a new process
  • Using method parameters
  • Customising for process controller

4) Conditions

  • Creating data access defination and condition types
  • Creating and simulating conditions
  • Implementing condition call in the coding

5) Change Controller

  • Concept and framework used for change controller
  • Enhancing and trigger concept of change controller
  • Customising for change controller

6) Concept of implicit and explicit enhancements

7) Helper classes provided by TM

8) FPM Overview

  • User interface enhancements
  • Feeder class and wire model concept

9) FBI - BOPF Integration

  • FBI view and controller design framework
  • Conversion and exit class

10) Enhancing User Interface

  • Action new action in a toolbar
  • Adding a pop up message
  • Addition of new tab in business document
  • Accessing and display data from external source
  • Sample example to build a new UI

11) POWL

  • Creating POWL feeder class and action class
  • Create powl queries
  • Config related to POWL
  • maintenance reports
  • Enhancement of POWL

12) TM functional Overview and Technical Integration

13) PPF Output Management

14) Performance and Optimisation Analysis for TM system

15) TM Dump Analysis