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1) Introduction to Transportation Management

 Introduction to SAP TM

 TM 8.0 Focus

 TM 8.1 Focus

 TM 9.0 Focus

 TM 9.1 Focus

 Limitation of LE-TRA


 TM Landscape and Architecture

 TM Processes and Scenarios

 SAP TM End to End - Standard Process Flow


 Truck Load V/s Intermodal

 Single pick single Drop V/s Multi Pick Multi Drop Scenarios

2) Master Data Core Interface

 Generate and Activate Integration Models

 Repeat Generation and Activation of IMs

 Change Transfer - Online

 CIF Customers, Vendors, Carriers, Plant, Shipping Point, Materials

 Hands-on Exercise

3) Organizational Units in SAP TM

 Enterprise Structure in SAP ECC

 Enterprise Structure in SAP TM

 Business Partner Creation for TM Org Units

 Assignment of Business Partners and Org Units

 Hands-on Exercise


4) Transportation Relevant Master data in SAP TM

 Means and Mode of Transport

 Location Master

 Transportation Lanes

 Transportation Zones

 Vehicle Resource

 Hands-on Exercise

5) ECC Sales Order Integration

 Relevant Business Functions

 Config Behind Sales Order Integration

 Service Interfaces Choreography

 Understanding XML Message for analysis and errors

 Hands-on Exercise

6) ECC PO/STO Integration

 Relevant Business Functions

 Config Behind PO/STO Integration (Inter/Intra company)

 Service Interfaces Choreography

 Understanding XML Message for analysis and errors

 Hands-on Exercise

7) Transportation Requests in SAP TM

 Personal Object Work Lists

 Transportation Request Types

 Understanding Order Based Transportation Requirement

 OTR Type Determination

 OTR Type Control Data

 Hands-on Exercise

8) Freight Units in SAP TM

 Freight Unit Building Rule - Strategies

 FU Type Control Data

 Hands-on Exercise

9) Conditions in SAP TM

 Condition Types

 Data Access Definitions

 Relationship between Condition type and data access definition

 Create Condition using "BRF Plus Decision Table" Technique

 Create Condition using "Direct BO Access" Technique

 Hands-on Exercise

10) Incompatibilities in SAP TM

 Incompatibility Condition

 Incompatibility Definition

 Incompatibility Setting

 Incompatibilities in Freight Units Building - one example

 Hands-on Exercise

11) ECC Outbound Delivery Integration

 Relevant Business Functions

 Config Behind Outbound Delivery Integration

 Service Interfaces Choreography

 DTR Type Determination

 Impact of DTR FU on OTR FU

 Hands-on Exercise

12) Transportation Planning

 Understanding Transportation Cockpit

 Selection and Planning Profiles

 Planning in SAP TM

 Hands-on Exercise

13) Freight Order Management

 Freight Order Types

 Understanding SAP TM Freight Order

 Freight Order in 2PLs scenario and Impact on TM process

 Freight Order for 3PLs scenario and Impact on TM process

 Freight Order with multiple Service providers

 Hands-on Exercise

14) Charge Calculation in SAP TM

 Freight/Forwarding Agreements

 Transportation Charge Calculation Sheets

 Rate Tables


 Scale Base and Calculation Base

 Agreement Types

 Charge Category, Subcategory and Charge Types

 Use of Templates

 Charge Calculation Profiles

 Hands-on Exercise

15) Supplier Freight Invoice Request (TM 8.0 and Onwards)

 SFIR - Standard Process

 Creating the FSD from FO

 Creating the FSD from POWL

 Partial FSD

 Collective FSD

 Post Accruals in SAP ERP

 Invoice Verification

 Configuration Required

 Service Interfaces Choreography

 Hands-on Exercise

16) Scenario Run - Shippers' Basic Process for FTL

 SO < OTR < FU < Planning < FO < Charge Calc < SFIR < Accruals Posting < MIRO

17) Queries Handling and SAP TM Implementation basics

 Process Flow: TM 8.1 Basic Vanilla process - 3PL Scenario (FWO < Charge Calc < FU < Planning < CFIR < Customer Billing


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